Institute of social services for children and adults Pastuchov in accordance with the Act. 448/2008 Z.Z. on social services and amending Act no. 455/1991 Coll. on trades (Trades Act) performs the following:

  • Professional activities: care for the people reliant on assistance of others, assistance in the application of rights and legitimate interests,  nursing activities, rehabilitation, assistance in the exercise of parental rights and responsibilities.
  • Services: accomodation, catering, cleaning, washing, ironing and laundry and clothing maintenance.
  • Other activities:  help with personal hygiene of clients, education and fun activities for clients

Institute of social services for children and adults Pastuchov is the budget organization that was founded by Trnava region. The target clientele are children and adults who rely on help of other individuals with various disabilities and their combination since the age of three.

Form of provision of social services: residential, year-round

Within the complex care is the educational treatment directed towards the priority objective, which is the highest possible degree of socialization and integration of our clients. The main task of educators in cooperation with medical staff is that the clients acquire basic hygiene habits, social and work habits. We focuses mainly on the field of art therapy, music therapy, animal assisted therapy and makaton. Our facility cooperates with other similar facilities that are in close distance, with state authorities and local governments, with businesses, with foundations and organizations that deal with social care for the disabled.